In this article, we will cover vital information that will help your customers recognize your brand name and scale your business without breaking the bank in the process. In a previous article I talked about why you can’t stop marketing and in that article I mentioned the need to differentiate your business from your competition. In the business arena, we use the term branding. Your brand basically represents your business and allows people to identify who you are.

1. Your Brand Name: Focus On Your Business

Financial Background 3 smallLet’s look at what it takes to create a brand for your business that will help your business excel in your particular niche or market. Now if you really want your customers to know your brand name, we need to make sure that you first look at your business and what image or perception you want your customers to walk away with after they’ve experienced your business.

Many of the small business owners that I talk to make the mistake of working hard on developing what they think is an effective or catchy brand for their business and they have forgotten about looking at their business first. Your branding has to be developed as a direct result of your type of business.

Keeping that in mind; it’s a good idea to consider some of the things that I listed below. These things aren’t written in stone but, they are a good rule of thumb.

  • What type of business do you own?
  • What type of service or products do you offer to your customers?
  • What differentiates your business from your competition?

Make sure that you take time to identify the type of business that you own and any special qualities that your business may have as well as what image you want to get across to your customers. Remember, you want them to relate to and focus on who you are.

2. Your Brand Name: Make a difference

If you’re in a market or area that is flooded with similar businesses like a restaurant, a salon or even a dentist; then making your business appear to be unique or distinctly different from your competition is a great way to create the desired reputation that you want for your business. 

One way to do this is by establishing credibility between your customers and your business. A great way for your customers to know your brand name is by being known as a business that provides quality products or services. Make sure that your branding focuses on what sets you apart from your competition. You do this by carefully choosing your logo, your marketing strategy and being able to follow through on what you promise your customers.

3. Your Brand Name: Staying Power

As a small business owner, you should never allow the economy drive the quality of your service or products, which has a direct affect on whether you’ll earn a return visit from your customers or not. Even in a tough economy; you have to maintain the quality and promise that you made to your customers! When so many business owners are cutting corners and making unwise moves, it’s you who will start to stand out head and shoulders above your competition. When you’ve done that, trust me, you will experience prosperity while others suffer. That’s how you get people to know, remember and trust your brand name and who you are.

One last thing, you can’t be ruled by fear! Many businesses have closed shop when they may have had a very good chance of making it. Listen; like I always say; don’t stop marketing! When you begin to show your customers and your competition that no matter what, you can uphold the promise that you’ve made to provide quality services or products; you are establishing a brand that is solid and stable. These are the things that make a good brand for any business; this is how you make sure that everyone, both competitor and customer know your brand name.

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