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It’s time to ensure your business’s reviews are in good order, making

YOU the preferred choice for potential clients and customers.

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Our automated follow up and marketing system provides a simple yet powerful solution to generate customer feedback and turn that into fresh positive reviews being posted online.

Detailed ProfileYou or the person managing the software will be sent an email containing your Business Owner Login with Dashboard & Feedback Center, which is easy to understand and navigate.

It comes complete with Step-By-Step, easy to follow Video Instructions to further walk you through the process.

And if you need more help, feel free to contact one of our Reputation Specialists. They'll be more than happy to assist you.

Company Branded PageOnce you enter your customer’s name and email address into the software, it automatically reaches out to get their feedback with your Branded Feedback Page using our proprietary software system and process.

You can even assign feedback to specific departments or employees.

The software sends an initial feedback email sequence inviting the customer to give feedback on their experience, and of course, every part of the experience can be viewed from any mobile device.

The invitation link takes the customer to the online feedback form, which requires a star rating.

Positive & Negative Feedback Pages Contains A Video With A Professional Male or Female Actor


In your dashboard, you can determine which star rating threshold to use for positive and negative reviews, but the default positive setting is for four stars or greater, which opens a professionally produced, white label, thank you video inviting the customer to copy their feedback to review sites.



You can add any rating or review site you want, or even rotate sites to spread reviews across the web.

A thank you email follows up with your positive customers and invites them to place a review on the review sites you select.

You can write your own emails of course, but our default set of feedback request, reminder, and thank you emails come pre-configured within the software to get you started immediately.

What if the feedback is negative?

negativefeedbackpageIf the feedback rating is three stars or less, the customer is taken to a different page with a different video, capturing a potential issue to resolve it internally.

This time the message offers an apology, and asks for an opportunity to correct our mistakes. Instead of asking for a review, we ask for suggestions on how to correct the mistakes and avoid repeating them in the future.

The unhappy customer instantly receives an additional email, again apologizing for the mistakes, and asking for an opportunity to correct them.

You can then, offer that customer an incentive to do business with you again, giving you the chance to win them back as a loyal, long time customer.

Sharing Info


Can you imagine what they will say to their friends and neighbors when they receive that kind of feedback from you; the business owner? What do think that will do for your business?

Positive or negative, as soon as your feedback is received, you'll instantly receive an email showing you the rating and the full report. Of course, you can read it on a web browser or an email capable mobile device.


Instant Alerts


You'll also receive an SMS notification, which can be extremely important for negative feedback allowing you a chance to quickly respond. And you can easily add more contacts for management and staff so that feedback alerts are notified for action.

You'll notice the customer who left negative feedback was not asked to leave a review. Fast action to resolve an issue could soon become a positive review about a problem solved.

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