This can be one of the busiest time of the year depending what you did at the end of last year. I know that many business owners have worked hard on creating a marketing campaign to increase sales, branding-company awareness and revenue. The problem is that most businesses are marketing to attract new customers and as we all have learned in business 101, “it cost more to get new customers than nurturing existing customers”. Well, for those of you who may have missed that class, let me help you out some.

Know You, Like You, Trust You-Tell Us Who You Are

I know that we have heard the axiom that “Content is what? King! That is correct! Content is king and we are going to talk about the importance of providing good or even great content and why content is so very important to your business. No matter what medium you choose to use, quality content is still at the heart of good marketing. One of the main reasons why it is King is because it builds trust- loyalty and that is very important for business owners who want to grow and scale their business. Your content tells potential customers who you are and you do this by providing useful, quality information that is provided for information’s’ sake. You are not trying to sell anything-yet. content 1

A business that has learned how to provide quality content is a business that knows how to make money from those who read their content in various mediums and then decided it was worthwhile and that they either wanted to make a purchase, make another purchase or get a subscription. Subscriptions are great to have but I digress. This is a trust building process that will generate/convert to sales, website visits and walk-ins if you have a brick and mortar business. Depending on your business and if you do things right, content marketing could and should accomplish all three things mentioned above. The thing that you have to understand is content marketing can and should:

  1. Build relationships-people get to know who you are.
  2. Build rapport-people begin to like who you are.
  3. Build trust-people need to trust who you are.

Notice how I never said anything about people buying your product or services? A business that has a solid content marketing campaign will also have a ROI that reflects solid growth and a loyal customer base. They nurture existing customers as well as attract new customers.

Know You, Like You, Trust You-Tell Us Something Good

If you want your business to experience the things that I mentioned above, then you have to make sure that your content is engaging regardless of the medium, your content has to be helpful, and of course, it needs to be relevant to your ideal customers-laser targeted and related to your individual niche’ or vertical. Information, information, information! Information is the currency for the internet. Regardless of what you may have been told by those who want to stick you with an impressive SEO package, search engines love quality content. It is good old quality, relevant information that most search engines are looking for to provide to their users; they want people who use their search engines to find the best information possible in connection to what people are looking for. Makes sense to me. The quality of the information that you provide is directly related to the amount of “love” the search engines will give to you. This means that you can provide awesome information in the form of videos, infographics, articles, Periscope, etc. If your website is built around great content and just some basic SEO, you will definitely have a great chance to crush it!

Know You, Like You, Trust You-The Long Game of Selling

Having a solid content marketing strategy will provide your business with an optimum online presence. Like I mentioned before, people have to know you, like you and trust you before they will purchase your products or services which makes content marketing a powerful and effective tool that converts into sells for your business. It is so important that you fully grasp the simple yet powerful truth that a solid, quality content marketing strategy helps your business build relationships with your readers over time and in the long run, converts that trust into leads and sales. bigstock-Woman-reading-content

Listen, this is not some marketing sleight of hand; you have to first, identify who your ideal customer is then you have to know what they are looking for-what do they want? If you are going off the fact that you have a product or service that everyone wants and can’t wait to get their hands on it then you are in trouble! After you have done your homework on your ideal customers then you employ a solid content marketing that will appeal to their needs. Information that they need and your competition charges for. Basically, you have to present yourself as the expert in whatever niche’ or vertical you are in. The best way to do that is to provide quality information that is beneficial to the reader-your customers. I hope this will help you in letting your potential customers know who you are.