The Strangest Blogging Secret I know to drive 5x More Traffic In 24 Hours

The Strangest Blogging Secret

Today I’m going to let you in on the strangest blogging secret I know and how to profit from it. The key to driving 5x more traffic in less than 24 hours is “a powerful and intriguing headline.”

The Strangest Blogging Secret – Newsflash

The Strangest Blogging Secret What? Did you think it had something to do with having the best-designed blog? Or writing a peace prize winning article? Or stirring up controversy? Or asking favors from friends in high places?

Well, I have a newsflash for you: This blogging secret doesn’t, because it all STARTS with a headline that draws attention from the very beginning.

The Strangest Blogging Secret – The Headline

Think about it. Would YOU be reading this article right now if the title were something like, “Learn Why A Headline Will Drive You Blog Traffic?”

I doubt it. To be honest, I know “I” wouldn’t, because, it’s empty. And, I’m not looking forward to learning how to do anything because learning implies hard work. And, when you’re looking to drive more traffic the last thing you’re looking for is more work to do.

Not that writing a good headline IS hard work. It isn’t. But, the way that title says it to you makes it unattractive regardless if it’s the truth or not.

The Strangest Blogging Secret – Two Reasons

Anyhow — why IS having a good headline important to drive more traffic? There are two reasons for this blogging secret:

  1. Search Engine Rankings — I don’t care how cool your blog posts are, if people can’t find it on the search engine, the only person who will think it’s cool, is you.

It’s easy. All you need to know are the keywords you are targeting in your blog posts and put your top one or two keywords in the headline title to be picked up by search engines.

  1. It makes it interesting and raises curiosity — nothing makes us squirm in our chairs more than the thought of reading a headline that suggest a “secret” or “5 simple steps” we can use to solve our problems.

If you’re headline is injected with curiosity, intrigue, and a promise of a benefit it will bring you more traffic because people will read it.

I’m sorry, I misinformed you.

I told you there was only ONE blogging secret, but I guess you’ll have to settle with two – so use this to get more readers to your blog, or lock me up and throw away the key.

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