As a person who helps small business owners increase their online presence and drive customers to their brick and mortar location, I am fully aware of the need to market B2B, B2C and marketing in general. But I have noticed a trend that has really begun to irritate, bug, no, drive me crazy! It is the marketing oversell. You know what I mean; the barrage of “Amazing” offers from the same person (company) in your email inbox or the constant direct mail that falls out of your mailbox like a cascading waterfall or six slippery bats out hell!

Marketing Oversell – Preaching To the Choir

Okay, so like I said, I really do understand to need to market. If we don’t market our services, products or company we will more likely die as a business; heck, I wrote a blog post about “You can’t stop marketing”, so I really do understand the need for it. But, come on! I am not sure what course was taken or who pulled you to the side and told you that the best way to market to your customers is to dump as much junk on them and sprinkle in some useful information but stop it!

As a business owner, I don’t have time to go through all of that stuff and I honestly begin to feel like I am being stalked by some crazed sales person. I need useful Intel and I don’t really know who you are to trust that you can deliver what you say that you can. I am a business owner! Please treat me like one and not someone who is looking for a “get rich quick” scheme. Basically, you are using your full arsenal to sell me something that I may really need but I can’t get through your pitch; you are preaching to the choir on this one and I really can’t hear you.

Marketing Oversell- You Are Part of the Static

I can’t hear you! Sorry for the dramatics but, I just wanted to make a point. I am not sure how many of you have experienced some of the thingstoo-much-email-wowe that I have addressed so far, but if you haven’t, great for you because it can become extremely annoying at times when these things happen. So, you go to check your email (I try to wait until after lunch, I tend to lose most of my mornings if I check them first) and there is an email from the same person that emailed you yesterday about their product and today is the “LAST DAY” for you to take advantage of their great deal.

And you look at the rest of your inbox and there are at least six to ten similar emails with the same subject line almost. Listen, if you are reading this and you know that you are guilty of doing this, I need you to pay attention; I am not mad at you, it is not your fault-I blame the person who taught you 1990s or early 2000s marketing strategies. Listen, I need you to understand a few things that will greatly improve your conversation rate and possibly gain you some repeat customers:

    • People generally don’t respond favorably to this kind of marketing tactic. They tend to delete your email without even opening it.
    • Because there are more people like you that have been poorly trained in this area of marketing, people are bombarded with similar emails that look just like yours. You are part of the noise, part of the static.
    • Because you have chosen to use this form of marketing, you have eliminated the most important aspects of successful marketing; WE DON’T TRUST YOU! That’s because WE DON’T KNOW WHO YOU ARE!

Yep! When you market to me using all of the slick, sensational copy, I know that you don’t know me and made no attempt for us to get to know each other. You are lost in a sea of people trying to sell me something that I may really need but I will never know because you have placed yourself in with everyone else that doesn’t know me but wants me to buy from them.

Marketing Oversell- You Are Ruining It for Good People

dishonesty-car-salesman woweOkay, I know that I must sound like I am doing a “Jerry McGuire” (McQuire, not sure which spelling to use) and write a marketing manifesto, but I am not. I just can’t take it anymore! Listen, there are a lot of good products and services that we all need and I believe that we are missing out on them because of this type of marketing oversell. If you are one of those people who has great products and services then I want to try to help you out. Inbound marketing is the best way to go. You are more likely to not only earn new customers but, you will be able to retain more of your existing customers if you choose this type of marketing. HubSpot has some great information regarding inbound marketing.

I know that there are more good products and services out there waiting to be bought and sold if we could just get through all of the static and noise. As marketers, we have to do better, we have to stay relevant and know how our customers think when it comes to making purchases. We have to stay on top of our customers spending trends and habits and by all means; STOP PREACHING TO THE CHOIR!