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Our Software Makes Building Your Online Reputation Easy

Automated System

Now you have a safe and simple way to build a 5 star reputation on autopilot, without ever having to worry about negative reviews being posted about you online.

checkBlue4Easy To Use and Understand Dashboard.


checkBlue4Boost Your Online Ratings and Reviews Fast.

Simple, Safe, Automated System To Build Your Reputation

1Immediately after joining, your customized Feedback Center is automatically created, configured, and ready to go. Now getting Feedback is simple.

2You or one of your staff members, hands the customer a feedback card or simply enters the customer’s name and email address into the software and it automatically reaches out to get their feedback using our proprietary software system and process.

3If you get a 4 star or above, the customer is directed to the review site of his or her choice to post the positive review. If it was a poor rating, the customer is immediately sent to a complaint form that notifies only you and appears nowhere else. The customer is given the ability to vent and you learn about a problem with your business which reduces the chances of a customer bashing your business online.

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Capturing Negative Reviews


Active Feedback System
Set it and forget it process to automate the feedback and review posting loop.

Business Owner Dashboard
Easy to understand & navigate providing instant feedback for your business. Monitor all of the review sites using one dashboard, makes it easy to keep track of all of your entire online presence.

Easy To Use
Simplicity is the key to success. It is easy to understand and use. It comes complete with Step-By-Step, easy to follow Video Instructions to further walk you through the process.

Drill Down Capability
You can get feedback based on specific employees or departments within your business where you can do quarterly, bi-annually or annual feedback based on what customers are saying about those specific departments or employees.

It’s Highly Customizable
Ability to customize messages, the videos customers see and how often they’re contacted after a visit. Simplicity is built into it so that it doesn't get out of control.

Filtering Negative Reviews
Built-In algorithm that easily adjusts to help your business alleviate the impact of bad reviews.

Fully Mobile Responsive
Every part of the software was built to be 100% mobile friendly from the ground up.

Data Security
Secure private servers and SSL Certificates help ensure feedback data is kept private.

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