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Local digital display advertising has just recently become an option for small businesses.

Until now, it has been impractical for any small business to try and figure out how to do localize display advertising. Trying to manage these campaigns was a disaster as well.

Now, with WOWE Lift Local, you have the option to use targeted online ads to increase your visibility, attract new customers, and stimulate growth specifically for businesses that are working to attract customers on a local level.


Here are 3 reasons why targeted display advertising can be a powerful growth tool for your local business.


Reason 1: Advancements In Technology

This market did not exist a few years ago because of the cost and technology obstacles. This opens up a whole new advertising opportunity for the local small business.

Digital GlobeWith the technology available now, it is now possible for you to show digital ads to people within a 15 mile radius of your business. These ads run on sites like ESPN, Yahoo, and CNN, but not to everybody nationwide. You’re only showing these ads, on CNN, Yahoo, and ESPN to people that are in your target market. They are showing different ads to different people in different markets.

WOWE Lift Local’s geographic targeting technology can reach local audiences with compelling advertisements making online display advertising possible and profitable for local advertisers. Depending on your specific online marketing needs, we can deliver insights and solutions that drive your brand’s message to desired audiences with increasing frequency and effectiveness.


Reason 2: Brand Credibility

As a result of this platform putting ads, not only on local sites, but on national sites as well, this creates a massive brand credibility opportunity for local businesses which they did not formerly have. Before, if a small business were to run an ad on CNN or ESPN; first, that ad would have been shown to people way outside of their target market; second, the cost of doing that would be impossible. So you would not get the benefit of the brand lift of being associated with these national sites.   

WOWE Lift Local’s online media platform places rich digital advertisements on the world’s most recognized networks like ESPN, Facebook, Food Network, CNN, Forbes, People, and Rolling Stone. With stunning creative, access to local customers, and 100% client satisfaction, we will work with you every step of the way to maximize your advertising budget and fully optimize your online marketing campaign.

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Reason 3: Affordable Advertising

Lower cost is leveling the playing field. Again, because there are so many more advertising options out there, you can now get advertising online at a much, much lower cost per thousand, or CPM, than you can for radio, television, print, or any of the other vehicles.

Because of the technology that allows these ads to only be displayed to local people, there is no wastefulness to running these ads outside of the market your business is working with, and the auto-optimization, keeps the price down. That includes the national brand credibility that you get for being associated with these national sites. 

You now have this ability to really hone in your target market and make sure that you’re not wasting dollars by spending money on advertising that’s being shown to people outside of your target market.


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