Detailed Reporting

Detailed Reporting

Reports can be sent to you on a regular basis (weekly or monthly).

You can determine who in your company would like to receive this report and at what intervals you would like them to receive it.

They can see the entire dashboard or just the report section.

See results over the past week, month, or a specific date range.

Customer Feedback Dashboard

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Sentiment Analytics

Included in your real time reporting is a text analytics program that determines the intention and attitude of the reviewer regarding the overall differences between their review and rating.

Our system will determine whether the expressed opinion of a sentence or review is positive, negative or neutral with extreme accurateness and display it graphically.

Internal Feedback Reporting 3

Within an instant you’ll have complete understanding of the overall sentiment expressed over a specific time period considering the percentage of positive, neutral and negative respondents.

Weekly & Monthly Automated Reports

What would it mean to the overall success of your business if you had the ability to schedule regular updates that can be sent on a specific day of the week or day of the month directly to a group within your business or to a key individual?

Our automated reporting gives you the capability to receive regular status updates and easily customize and schedule reports to be delivered on specific dates to your inbox. Each report includes your total new reviews, star rating and break down of each since the last report.

Reputation Report

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