The Number #1 Reason Why Most People Are AWFUL At Article Marketing

Article Marketing

In this article we’re going to discuss the reason why most people are awful at article marketing, what successful article marketers do with their target audience, and the two things you must have in order for your articles to be profitable.

Article MarketingIt’s easier to process information when it’s spoon fed to you in pieces, so I’m going to make this article short and easy to understand for you without beating around the bush.

Have you ever wondered why some people succeed in article marketing, and why some don’t? I did. So I did a little private eye investigation to learn the difference between the successful and unsuccessful and, what I found was simply “startling”.

On the surface, article marketing is the preferred beginner choice to driving targeted traffic to an online business, because all that’s needed of you to do is to write a few articles to submit for FREE to various content submission websites like Ezine Articles and Article Dashboard.

Article Marketing – The Reason Most People Are Awful At It

Looks easy enough, and it is. But the problem lies not in laziness, because some article marketers write until their hands fall off the hinges.

The reason why many have problems at driving traffic and making money from the article writing efforts is because…

“They Don’t Write With their Targeted Buyer In Mind.”

Listen, it’s not enough to write articles for the sake of getting any result. You have to write your articles with a sense of purpose with the intention of getting a specific result.

I’ve seen articles that looked like they’ve been written by a 6-year old that are some of the most profitable articles for online business owners. The reason their articles were successful is due to the fact that they wrote to their target audience and not for the sake of writing or for money.

Article Marketing – How You Deliver

Article MarketingIt’s never about how many articles you deliver, or even the quality, it’s about HOW you deliver the articles, what you plan on doing with the traffic you get from them and a deep understanding of WHO you’re targeting.

You need to do some research to hone in on your target market according to whatever niche you’re in, so you can know what age and gender you need to target. In addition to their behaviors, hobbies, etc…

Never write for the sake of doing it because you heard it was a good idea. It’s NEVER a good idea when you have no idea why you’re writing it who you’re writing to, and how you’re going to deliver it.

The difference between successful article marketers and the ones who are not, lies in the obvious: Successful article marketers take sniper shot aims at their target from a short distance, and unsuccessful article marketers take shotgun aim at targets…50 miles away.

Article Marketing – What Do You Want To Accomplish?

A word of advice: Seriously think about what you want your promotional articles to accomplish so you know it gets you the results you want that your looking for — no exception.  When you boil it all down to it’s meaty substance, this applies to any and EVERY bit of marketing you do regardless of how simple or complicated the marketing method is…

You MUST have a purpose and conviction for your article marketing to do any good profitably.

Your articles need to be informative and of great quality. They need to answer the questions your target buyers are asking help for, so they can be more successful in their particular area of expertise.

The sooner you understand this fact; the sooner you’ll be one of the best article marketers online.

Now that you know the Number #1 Reason Why Most People Are AWFUL At Article Marketing, the three things you need to remember are these: (1) to be successful begin writing with your target market in mind, (2) take sniper shot aims at your target from a short distance, and (3) have a purpose and conviction in order for your articles to be profitable.

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