3 Reasons Why 97% Fail To Make A Single Dime With Article Marketing

Have you ever wondered why some people fail miserably getting any results with their article marketing efforts? Maybe you’re (or were) one of those people looking for answers to questions you can’t answer on your own.
Article MarketingWhat I’m about to reveal in this article will give you the reality check you need to finally stand on your own two feet and take a stand against giving up on a marketing method I know works as one of the most stable marketing methods online. I hate to use the old cliché but it’s truer than ever: “If I can do it, so can you”.
As the title says, there are three main reasons why marketers using articles as part of their marketing campaign fail to get it to work even after several tries. Let’s kick things off with…


Reason #1 Why 97% Fail With Article Marketing: Not Enough Time & Energy

I’m not proud of this, but…
When I first started out with article marketing, I failed miserably. I couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t making money or driving traffic.
I would write about 4 or 5 articles a month, submit maybe 2 or 3, and when I didn’t see any results I got upset and threw my hands in the air saying “forget this,” being convinced that “this article marketing thing doesn’t work”.
But, when I looked back and began to evaluate my efforts, I discovered several important things that contributed to my failure. First, I realized that I didn’t give it the time and energy necessary to make it work.
I put this as the number one reason because it is the most common reason why people give up on it.


Reason #2 Why 97% Fail With Article Marketing: They Make It “Too” Complicated

Another thing that stopped me from succeeding was when I tried to understand all of the “whys” behind the concept. I made it so complicated that it took away all of the fun of writing and making money.

Article Marketing

Now, I’m not saying that article marketing is easy, because it’s not. However, during my evaluation I discovered this concept: it’s not complicated, it’s just a little complex. And when you know how to put the pieces together, article marketing becomes fun.
What you need is to understand the concept — you or someone you hire write articles, and “market” them to get the precise results you’re looking for.


Reason #3 Why 97% Fail With Article Marketing: Giving Away Too Much Information

Yes, I know you want to give people as much information as possible so they can be successful. But, if you can picture a fisherman at Tahoe Lake throwing the bait in the water “without” the reel to bring the fish AND the bait back, you understand how giving away too much in your articles creates the same damaging effect.
Always tell a great story but leave them hanging so they can click on the resource box (the bait) at the end of your article (the fishing reel). This way you’re not losing control of what you worked hard to set-up.
Article marketing is a piece of cake when done right. Just stay consistent in giving your readers the quality information they want and need. Anyone can do this.

Remember the three rules:

  1. Give it the time and energy it deserves for it to work,
  2. don’t make it complicated, and
  3. don’t give away too much info upfront.
Keep these three rules in mind and you can never go wrong.
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The Number #1 Reason Why Most People Are AWFUL At Article Marketing

Article Marketing

In this article we’re going to discuss the reason why most people are awful at article marketing, what successful article marketers do with their target audience, and the two things you must have in order for your articles to be profitable.

Article MarketingIt’s easier to process information when it’s spoon fed to you in pieces, so I’m going to make this article short and easy to understand for you without beating around the bush.

Have you ever wondered why some people succeed in article marketing, and why some don’t? I did. So I did a little private eye investigation to learn the difference between the successful and unsuccessful and, what I found was simply “startling”.

On the surface, article marketing is the preferred beginner choice to driving targeted traffic to an online business, because all that’s needed of you to do is to write a few articles to submit for FREE to various content submission websites like Ezine Articles and Article Dashboard.

Article Marketing – The Reason Most People Are Awful At It

Looks easy enough, and it is. But the problem lies not in laziness, because some article marketers write until their hands fall off the hinges.

The reason why many have problems at driving traffic and making money from the article writing efforts is because…

“They Don’t Write With their Targeted Buyer In Mind.”

Listen, it’s not enough to write articles for the sake of getting any result. You have to write your articles with a sense of purpose with the intention of getting a specific result.

I’ve seen articles that looked like they’ve been written by a 6-year old that are some of the most profitable articles for online business owners. The reason their articles were successful is due to the fact that they wrote to their target audience and not for the sake of writing or for money.

Article Marketing – How You Deliver

Article MarketingIt’s never about how many articles you deliver, or even the quality, it’s about HOW you deliver the articles, what you plan on doing with the traffic you get from them and a deep understanding of WHO you’re targeting.

You need to do some research to hone in on your target market according to whatever niche you’re in, so you can know what age and gender you need to target. In addition to their behaviors, hobbies, etc…

Never write for the sake of doing it because you heard it was a good idea. It’s NEVER a good idea when you have no idea why you’re writing it who you’re writing to, and how you’re going to deliver it.

The difference between successful article marketers and the ones who are not, lies in the obvious: Successful article marketers take sniper shot aims at their target from a short distance, and unsuccessful article marketers take shotgun aim at targets…50 miles away.

Article Marketing – What Do You Want To Accomplish?

A word of advice: Seriously think about what you want your promotional articles to accomplish so you know it gets you the results you want that your looking for — no exception.  When you boil it all down to it’s meaty substance, this applies to any and EVERY bit of marketing you do regardless of how simple or complicated the marketing method is…

You MUST have a purpose and conviction for your article marketing to do any good profitably.

Your articles need to be informative and of great quality. They need to answer the questions your target buyers are asking help for, so they can be more successful in their particular area of expertise.

The sooner you understand this fact; the sooner you’ll be one of the best article marketers online.

Now that you know the Number #1 Reason Why Most People Are AWFUL At Article Marketing, the three things you need to remember are these: (1) to be successful begin writing with your target market in mind, (2) take sniper shot aims at your target from a short distance, and (3) have a purpose and conviction in order for your articles to be profitable.

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The Strangest Blogging Secret I know to drive 5x More Traffic In 24 Hours

The Strangest Blogging Secret

Today I’m going to let you in on the strangest blogging secret I know and how to profit from it. The key to driving 5x more traffic in less than 24 hours is “a powerful and intriguing headline.”

The Strangest Blogging Secret – Newsflash

The Strangest Blogging Secret What? Did you think it had something to do with having the best-designed blog? Or writing a peace prize winning article? Or stirring up controversy? Or asking favors from friends in high places?

Well, I have a newsflash for you: This blogging secret doesn’t, because it all STARTS with a headline that draws attention from the very beginning.

The Strangest Blogging Secret – The Headline

Think about it. Would YOU be reading this article right now if the title were something like, “Learn Why A Headline Will Drive You Blog Traffic?”

I doubt it. To be honest, I know “I” wouldn’t, because, it’s empty. And, I’m not looking forward to learning how to do anything because learning implies hard work. And, when you’re looking to drive more traffic the last thing you’re looking for is more work to do.

Not that writing a good headline IS hard work. It isn’t. But, the way that title says it to you makes it unattractive regardless if it’s the truth or not.

The Strangest Blogging Secret – Two Reasons

Anyhow — why IS having a good headline important to drive more traffic? There are two reasons for this blogging secret:

  1. Search Engine Rankings — I don’t care how cool your blog posts are, if people can’t find it on the search engine, the only person who will think it’s cool, is you.

It’s easy. All you need to know are the keywords you are targeting in your blog posts and put your top one or two keywords in the headline title to be picked up by search engines.

  1. It makes it interesting and raises curiosity — nothing makes us squirm in our chairs more than the thought of reading a headline that suggest a “secret” or “5 simple steps” we can use to solve our problems.

If you’re headline is injected with curiosity, intrigue, and a promise of a benefit it will bring you more traffic because people will read it.

I’m sorry, I misinformed you.

I told you there was only ONE blogging secret, but I guess you’ll have to settle with two – so use this to get more readers to your blog, or lock me up and throw away the key.

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The Potential of Change

I have found that in life and in business that if you are unable to adapt to change quickly, things will become very frustrating and you will find yourself lagging behind and eventually, become stagnant and quit. I find myself often reminding people that change is the only constant; and it honestly is a constant that you can count on and oftentimes, you have absolutely no control over when change occurs. So, instead of feeling like a victim of change, let’s become masters of it!

The Potential of Change-Are You Watching?

Very rarely will things change suddenly. Most of the time change will start out as a gradual process that will begin to gain momentum and eventually, become the new constant until it changes again. You see this in sports, fashion, food, music, cultural norms and in business. There are so many people who hate change and for the most part, if you ask them why, they have very little concrete reasons why. Many people will tell you that it changed suddenly! But, if we are honest with ourselves, we saw it coming a long time ago but chose to ignore it hoping that something would prevent it from happening. Guess what; change still came!  change 1

Let’s try this next time; let’s become more observant, let’s keep an eye out for any changes that may be occurring. Whether it is in your department, in your organizational structure, leadership, business model, marketing strategies or personnel. Let’s decide to get ahead of it so we are not “caught off guard”. Change is not a bad thing all of the time, it is simply change. Look for it, embrace it and then, do something about it instead of trying to fight it. Being observant to ongoing or shifts in your particular niche’ or vertical can mean the difference in becoming an industry leader or a “Johnny come lately”. Change can really work to your advantage if you have the proper perspective. You just have to change your perception of change.

The Potential of Change-Change How You See Things

 “What if it’s a bad thing Dave?” “We do not want to embrace bad things Dave!” And you are absolutely right. But let’s focus on the type of changes that pertain to our businesses and how we can change our perception of those changes. There had been many times when I thought changes in things like marketing for instance; inbound market sounded like making “Root beer” flavored potato chips and I don’t think that will last long! But the truth of the matter is that inbound marketing is one of the best ways to market if you truly want to scale your business and keep and expand your repeat, loyal customers.

Look, there are so many business owners that try everything that comes down the pike and have very little ROI to show for it; so now, when they see or hear about a “proven” marketing tool, they pass. If you read one of my older articles called “You Can’t Stop Marketing”, you’ll see that you can’t do that. Things HAVE CHANGED and we need to learn how to adapt as business owners. So many small business owners are resistant to change and wonder why the own their job (they spend 12 or more hours a day and make very little progress).

There are few successful business owners that truly invest in themselves. Rarely will a small business owner take the time to go to a business workshop, spend thirty to forty-five minutes watching a webinar or become involved in their local Chamber of Commerce. These examples are just a few things that we can do that has the potential to pay huge dividends in our businesses but, that will require you to change. I think that many small business owners believe that if they change, it equates to being wrong and they cannot admit to being wrong! Wow! That is a lot of pressure and pride working there. There is not a perfect person on the face of the earth! We learn from our mistakes (hopefully) and make the needed adjustments. Failure should never be the end, it should never cause you to throw in the towel. Learning from our mistakes and making those needed adjustments can be the difference in achieving success.  

The Potential of Change-Change What You Do

Ladies and gentlemen listen, being resistant, adapting, overcoming, taking advantage of and looking for the next big thing to use to your advantage before anyone else does, is all a part of how we perceive change.

cell-phone-evolution-iphoneI really want you to be the best business owner that you can possibly be and to do that will require you to learn how to utilize changes to your advantage. I need all of you to be as innovative as you can possibly be. Innovation is the key! We have gone from rooms filled with one computer to desktops, laptops, and even tablets. We have gone from using telegraphs to calling the telephone operator directly, to dialing direct, to cordless, to pagers, to massive mobile phones, to phones that fit in your purse or your pocket.

Innovation is a term that the business sector uses in place of change. Invention, Revolution, Modernization, Improvement, and Advance are synonyms of innovation and each word has an element of change in them. Let’s not shrink from change out of fear but be the innovators that move things forward! Let’s be the ones that are the front-runners, even how we interact with each other. You realize that competition does not equate enemy. The pie is so big and we can actually benefit from strategic (legal) collaboration from time to time. (That’s for another article to come). So, can you change? Can you embrace change and become the master of it? Can you be the innovator that I know you can be? Can you change?