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What is WOWE Automotive Syndication?

WOWE Automotive Syndication empowers dealers to market their inventory to top US & CAN websites, seamlessly maintain brand consistency, and generate real-time leads.


Why buy WOWE Automotive Syndication?

Through a single interface, post ads to:

  • Craigslist

  • Backpage

  • EBay Motors

  • EBay Classifieds

  • Facebook & Twitter

  • YouTube

  • Google

  • Data exports

  • Leads are tracked and recorded

  • Product is fully integrated within existing product suite

  • Fits every dealer. Options for dealers to be hands-on, hands-free, or a combination.


Why do dealers prefer our Marketing Tool?

#1 – World-class training, support, and customer communications. Companies try to compete on low price and offer little to no support or technical assistance with their online classified solutions.

#2 – Fully integrated with Craigslist – If you’re looking for an entry level program, we are not the right solution. The online classified environments are constantly evolving and we are laser focused. Other companies make revenue doing websites, CRM, DMS and other technologies.  It takes a dedicated company to understand a site like Craigslist and make it easy for dealers.

#3 – 50% of consumers are shopping with a mobile device. We are one of the few companies that provide Mobile Responsive landing pages with multiple calls to action and embedded credit applications.

#4 – 100% leads tracking with instant lead notification via email or text and CRM integration. We track the source of the lead down to the vehicle type.


How does WOWE Automotive Syndication work?

  • Visually displays vehicle ‘on dealer’s lot’ and sites that have live ads

  • User can toggle between List, Grid, and Smart Views

  User initiated actions start from this page 

Used Vehicles Active

Vehicle Specific Landing Pages generate leads by:

  • Info request

  • Credit App

  • Trade-in

  • Phone calls

  • Schedule a test drive

Leads Report captures all Calls & Form Submits.

  • Name

  • Contact info

  • Vehicle

Craigslist - Manual


Dealers can automatically export to Backpage.

Once dealer’s marketplace has been set, ads will automatically export to

  • 260 Newspapers’ Online Classifieds are powered by

  • Posting to over 220 metro markets available

  • Traffic is routed to VSLP

  • 3 million visitors /mo

  • Ads are free(with exception of Connecticut)

No ads to create. Get leads without lifting a finger. Backpage is especially popular in markets like Chicago, LA, NYC, Atlanta, Las Vegas, Miami, and Philly 

eBay Classifieds

Dealer can post updates to their Facebook and Twitter following from within the application.

  • Make in-app vehicle announcements

  • Promotes ad sharing and virility

  • Get real-time feedback and engagement from fans


To get started generating real-time leads or for more information about WOWE Automotive Syndication, call David, our Regional Representative at 404-957-9164 or send an email:

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