About W.O.W.E.


John White, Jr. is a U.S. Army veteran who served as a Medical Specialist. He has worked with top companies like Hallmark Cards and Home Depot. 

Mr. White and his team of experts combine strategic guidance and high-level frameworks to help you improve and market your business to achieve the optimal level of success your company is striving for.

These strategies will help you shape the way you think about your approach to your business and not just show you a bunch of tactical tricks and hacks.




Dr. Dawn M. White is a retired educator of 30 years in elementary, middle and higher education. She has an Educational Doctorate degree in Leadership and a Master of Arts in Child, Family, and Community Services.

Dr. White and her team of professionals analyze and bring solutions to businesses for quality performance. She systematically collects, processes and analyzes data to bring solutions to businesses for quality performance. In addition, she provides workshops, seminars and mentoring, including eLearning and multimedia.



This husband and wife team are also the Co-Directors of The Marketplace Alliance Group (MAG), which is a group of successful Kingdom-Minded Entrepreneurs who invest in the growth and effectiveness of serious-minded entrepreneurs, business owners and potential business owners. MAG empowers them by providing relevant information and quality training opportunities with an emphasis on practical application of Biblical principles in the marketplace.

WOWEnterprises is designed to empower, impact and perpetuate the knowledge and experience of operating a thriving business by investing in your vision and business success.